The CHOICE for a new Mayor

As I took my place on the dais, a new greenhorn council member, I was immediately faced with a tough choice. Who should be our next mayor? Three of our seven member council volunteered or were nominated; Stephen Bershenyi, Leo McKinney and Michael Gamba.

For me this was a choice, not a decision. That made it no less easy or awkward, particularly as a new council member. For me, the choice was between Bershenyi and Gamba. McKinney has fulfilled that role for the last two years and it was just time for a change.

Webster defines choose as,” to select freely and after consideration” Last fall, I attended a Mastering Performance seminar with Jonathan Clark. We spent some time on the concept of choice vs decision. This one was hard for me to grasp. Tonight I get it.

Michael Gamba - Glenwood   Post Independent Photo

Michael Gamba – Glenwood Post Independent Photo

Both Bershenyi and Gamba would have made excellent mayors. Bershenyi is intelligent and very well spoken. It is obvious that he loves Glenwood and acts consistently in the best interest of Glenwood and her citizens. Gamba is also intelligent and a straight shooter. He too is a champion for Glenwood and a visionary. Both are outspoken, but who on council isn’t. Because of my involvement on the Transportation Commission and the Victims and Law Enforcement Board, I have gotten to know Gamba.

But in a matter of a few moments, Council must make a choice that could affect the direction and set the tone of this Council for the next two years, at least. So that is what it came down to, a simple choice. In this instance I chose Gamba. I made this choice after consideration – brief as it was. The choice I made belongs to me, not to my reasons for choosing Gamba. I am completely comfortable with that choice.

This process still begs the question: is this best way to choose a mayor? I am not so sure, although there are some advantages. What I do know is that this is an awkward process and does nothing to enhance relationships and cohesiveness among City Council members. And to a greenhorn council member, it is a sensitive choice. My hat is off to anyone who is willing to serve in this position.

Thank you, Leo McKinney, for your service as Mayor for the last two years. Michael Gamba, best of luck to you in your new role.

Come Together!

Well tomorrow’s a big day for me and I am very excited!!  Election Day!

I am not sure I will ever look at another election or Election Day in the same way again – whether I am involved or not.2015-04-06_1742

First, I would like to thank all those who have supported my campaign. I am truly honored by the support of the citizens and business community of Glenwood Springs. Your support, whether time or financial support or both have enabled me to reach hundreds of citizens with my vision of a strong, connected community. For that I am truly thankful!

Our community will have a new bridge in a few years that will bring countless opportunities and last long beyond my time on this planet.  Now it is time to work on building bridges of a different nature.

In recent months various issues have caused some polarization and division between citizens within our community, between local governments, and even within our own city hall. With such great opportunities ahead of us it is more important than ever that we come together and work together to make Glenwood the best place to raise a family, start a business or just enjoy life.

What are the differences . . . really?


photo by Rémih, from wikipedia

For several months you have been trying to determine what the big differences are between the candidates.  While it is a bit of the eleventh hour there may be some of you still trying to make a final decision. Let me help by repeating:

We must come together.

Let me explain.  Council is divided from each other and from city staff. City staff is in departmental silos as are the boards and commissions.  The city and the county are still finding it difficult to work together.  There appears to be little interaction or cooperation with neighboring jurisdictions.  Citizens feel disenfranchised.  We need a bridge builder – that can bring people together.

    I am that bridge builder.

I am excited and have worked very hard to win this election.  I am the person to help Glenwood come together and work together to get things done.

A more effective government and better relationships starts by council, in spite of some philosophical differences, working together to define a vision, goals, and expectations of themselves and city staff.   It’s a small bridge to start with, but no less scary to cross. I am convinced we can build it and cross it safely and be a better, stronger, more effective town government for it!

Let’s build a few bridges together.  We all want what is best for Glenwood.  Join me in making Glenwood a

Strong Connected Community.

I would greatly appreciate your vote!   If you have not voted, there is still time. If you did not get a ballot, please contact the City Clerk, Catherine Mythen.  You can vote until 7 p.m. Tuesday!