Anonymous Notes – Cowards Way Out

It must be Monday.  I certainly hope this does not foreshadow the week to come!

I parked in an undesignated parking place, at my work, in the Alpine Building at 817 Colorado Avenue at a little after 7 this morning. When I left work at 4:45 this evening, I found this note on my driver’s side window. I guess I must assume that I really was the intended recipient for whomever placed this note, even though my nondescript black SUV is similar to several in the area.


But seriously?  Me, micromanage something??  I suppose it is possible, at least my husband tells me it is possible. Yes, I already asked him if he left the note . . . but he definitely doesn’t put cute little “o’s” to dot his exclamation marks.

The obvious might be a co-worker, except for two things; 1) they are not “that” kind of people and 2) all but one was out-of-town/state today and the one that was left also doesn’t put cute little “o’s” under his exclamation marks.  And all the above know how to spell.

Oh, yeah – the fact that the word “micromaniging” (sic) was misspelled should tell me something. Would it be micromanaging to give this person a dictionary?

Being an elected official for 19 months now, my skin is thicker than it used was. I know confrontation is uncomfortable, but I would rather have someone call me or drop me an email to say that they don’t like a decision I’ve made, and not leave me an anonymous note. I am always happy to discuss my decisions and I am also willing to discuss my micromanaging,

If the note was really for someone else my reaction is still the same.  I hope the person who wrote the note will go ahead and have that difficult conversation with me or with the target of the note.

Don’t take the coward’s way out – and please people – don’t leave anonymous notes. At least have the courage to put a name and some contact information on it.