Let me tell you about OUR town – Glenwood Springs Colorado.

Postcard sent to my Great-Uncle from Glenwood Springs in 1907

Postcard sent to my Great-Uncle from Glenwood Springs in 1907

Let me tell you about OUR town – Glenwood Springs Colorado.

We are a small town set in the heart of the Rocky Mountains at the convergence of two magnificent rivers; the Colorado and the Roaring Fork Rivers. We have a rich history that includes Indians (is that the pc correct term? I don’t wish to offend), explorers, frontiersmen, gamblers, railroads, presidents, lawmen, outlaws and well . . . more on that at a later time. Those who know us now generally know us for our hot springs and pool, our caves, our skiing, our rafting, our biking and hiking, our hunting, and our central location to even more fun stuff. The 2010 census put our population at 9,614. Rand McNally and USA Today named our town as the “Most Fun Town in America” in 2011.

What Makes Us Even MORE Special?

But what makes Glenwood Springs well . . . . “Glenwood Springs” is OUR people and our passion!

Every community has some of both, right?

True! However, in the coming weeks and months, I hope you will agree there are excellent reasons we have to be passionate and protective of our town – while continuing to see it improve and progress.

We are a bit of an eclectic mix of native Coloradoans and those who have “chosen” Glenwood Springs as their home. Just read the opinion page and letters to the editor of our local newspaper, the Glenwood Post Independent – although I often question the “independent” part – and you will see that we are a vocal crowd.

So . . . why start a blog about Glenwood Springs?

First – I love the written word and quite frankly, I don’t think or talk very quickly on my feet . . . Although I have Irish roots, the eloquence and quantity of blarney somehow eludes me.

Second – and more importantly – I am an enthusiastic advocate of Glenwood Springs and making it the very best place it can be for all of us to work and to live – as well as to visit. But I am also realistic. I know that there are issues, concerns and challenges that Glenwood Springs must face and we are in a particularly challenging time right now. I “serve” the community by acting on some city boards and commissions – not to the extent that some in our community are involved, but to the extent I feel I can be of service and work for solutions.

Over and over, in meeting after meeting, I hear people say they don’t feel they have a voice. My hope for this blog is to be a springboard for discussion and involvement from those in the community who find it difficult to “get involved” in the traditional sense. I also hope that those who are part of the city, county and region and state as elected officials or appointed members will weigh in on this blog and share their outlook. I hope to throw out some items for thought, perhaps give my viewpoint, and I welcome you to challenge those thoughts, give me your own ideas and provide feedback. I would also love to include some “guest bloggers” on this site. Interested? Let me know! After all, this is truly OUR TOWN and we need to work together to keep it the great place it is.